Reader Responses to the Male Rape Experience

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The responses to our previous experience have been coming in like crazy the past couple of days. Most of them are far too hateful or sexist to post here, as are a lot of the comments on the experience, but there are a few that can be shared, which give us a look into how others see it.

I have also been the victim of a rape and nobody at the time believed me. I didn’t want to have sex with my rapist, but I was drunk, lonely, and she forced herself on me. It wasn’t a violent rape, but it was a rape, rape is rape. – Aiden P.

Seeing this story makes me cringe, it is a perfect example of the double standard that exists today between male and female rape cases, and who believes who. You can bet your last dollar that if it were a woman who experienced this, there would have been a hell of a lot more action from the police, the university, and her friends. We need to strive for equality, treat all rape cases the same way, don’t automatically discount cases of male rape just like we shouldn’t automatically believe every case of female rape. Equal treatment is really all anyone can ask for. – Stephanie R.

Read the original experience here:

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