Reader Responses to the Abortion Experience

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I must say that I am surprised by the response that I have gotten to posting my friend’s experience with her abortion. Certainly there were bound to be some negative reactions, but what has been filling my inbox has surpassed what I imagined.

I support my friend in her decision, and I can understand that some people will find fault with it. Here are just a few of the email responses I’ve received over the past day:

“What kind of self-absorbed freak would actually do such a thing, it is absurd, this woman needs to be checked into a mental facility.” – Tom R.

“This isn’t what the feminist movement is about, it is about teaching your children REGARDLESS OF GENDER to treat each other as equals. Selective abortions and stories like this just serve to cast the movement in a negative light. Do everyone a favor and keep your experience to yourself next time!” – Patricia E.

“Comparing yourself to war refugees is a serious slap in the face to anyone who has actually experienced being displaced because of conflict. Terrible” – Brett C.

“You go girl! If I was your friend, I wouldn’t be leaving your side. I’m glad you got the support you need and are happy now with your daughter. Always remember, there will be people who will look down on you for your actions, but the people too busy looking down aren’t able to look ahead, to the future :)” – Cassie C.

I’ve forwarded a few of the emails directly to her and she said that she “will be responding shortly” to defend herself, but she “has no need to explain myself”.

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