Lana Responds to the Criticism About her Abortion

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I cannot believe some of the emails that have been forwarded to me, do people really exist who want to see me dead because of what I chose to do with my own body? Those are the minds of mentally disturbed individuals.

The thing that I hope everyone takes away from all of this is that I own the reasons why I chose to have an abortion. Most of you reading probably have no idea what it is like to go through the process of debating whether or not to abort a pregnancy, let alone the actual experience of it.

To me, the experience was liberating, the emotions I felt when deciding what I should do, and after learning my fetus was male was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Coming out of it a liberated woman though was more than worth it. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I suspect that many of you reading this will be the kind of people who are sending emails from their mom’s basement, leaving comments on here and on social media websites as you degrade mentally more and more while sitting on your crusty computer chairs. Do everyone a favor: GROW UP!

I find it hard to hate anybody, their faults are not their own, but usually rather the product of an environment or social circle they have been exposed to. I beg most of you, for your own good, take a look at yourself and decide right now if you want to spend the rest of your life angry on the internet, or if you want to fight for a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body.

Get a deeper understanding of how Lana’s abortion affected her, and how it can affect other women as well.

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12 thoughts on “Lana Responds to the Criticism About her Abortion”

  1. They’re not mad at you for what you decided to do with your body. They’re mad at you because you’re a (removed) who decided that your baby’s life was worthless because of his gender. You decided that he didn’t deserve to live because of what someone else did. By your logic, all the forced abortions in China to cut down on girls is A-OK. (removed) I’m glad you didn’t have that kid, (removed) And for that, I guess I should congratulate you. (removed) Actually, you’re even better at it, because you can yank the thing before it even has a chance to challenge your worldview! Wow, your male oppressors never even THOUGHT of that!

    (removed)I think you deserve to experience all the things you wrongfully and vapidly accuse other people of, and thus belittle the experiences of REAL victims. No, I hope you have to live with exactly what you did, and I hope that EVERYONE knows about it, (removed)

    TL;DR, it’s not about your freedom to choose, (removed) And while you do have the freedom to choose, you had better be prepared to live with the consequences of failing such a basic test of humanity.


    1. I salute you Sharon the Cat, you couldn’t have said it better. This act of gender discrimination has gotten out of hand, and the concept of equality has become corrupted. Reasons like these are why I do not call myself a feminist.

  2. Wow I cannot believe how naive you really are. And resorting to painting everyone with the same brush? Isn’t that what the gender you hate so much have done? You are no better than the misogynists you claim to be fighting.
    But it is your conscience, and your decision. If that is the case, why go looking for validation on the Internet, where the world judges you? Did you expect a round of applause from the world? You have got what you asked for, opinions from everyone, barely any support and have just proven to the world that you are undeserving of the ability to create life.
    Having a cry about it on the Internet to receive validation and attention is an action of somebody who doesn’t stand by their decision, it come from somebody screaming for attention and wanting other people to say they’ve done that too. Drug addicts and criminals are not as low as you!

  3. To abort a baby because of its gender is the ultimate betrayal of everything you say you stand for and a hypocritical ideal against what you say.

    If a girl is aborted in china you would be up in arms.. as would i. I have no issue with the right to your body. But it comes with responsibility.

    You cant just willybnilly kill what is a living being because its a boy..
    And everything you say you hate about “patriarchy” you just did yourself.

    You treated something different based on its gender.. and you feel good because you “took down the man” and showed that male on the plane.. he learned his lesson because you killed one of him..

  4. There is one positive idea on the decision. Id would have been terrible for a boy to grow up with a mother like that…although I guess, he still would have perferred living to be killed.

  5. It’s because you just reinforced the notions people have about feminists being misandric in nature. Because of ONE asshole on a plane you decided your son’s life was not valuable enough to continue with the pregnancy. You let ONE person make the decision to have an abortion for you. You didn’t make it yourself you let outside influences affect you. Your son would have grown up loving you and cherishing you simply for being his mother. You could have raised him to be the kind of man you would be proud of. Instead you let the actions of one individual decide your son’s fate – before he even took his first breath. He would have loved you unconditionally and you would have been the example of how he is to treat other women. Instead he will never have the chance to show you how beautiful that relationship could have been because out of anger at another person you ended it before it could even begin. That’s the most selfish thing anyone could ever do. You let the world you constantly complain about pressuring women to do all sorts of things pressure you to the point that you broke and succumbed to a whim. Expecting praise for your decision is incredibly naive. No one with a shred of common sense would applaud what you have done.

  6. If you want to experience patriarchy, perhaps you should consider a vacation in lovely Iran.

    By the way, without the men who built our civilization, you probably would not exist.

  7. hmmm let’s see:

    -My IQ level is genius
    -I’m not sitting at a computer chair, as I don’t own one
    -I am not in my either of my parents’ basement as I live in a one bedroom apartment by myself
    -I am female
    -Abortion: I’ve never been pregnant but my friend has 1st son lost to SIDS, 3rd pregnancy was an Ectopic one & she had to have an abortion. Her pain was so heart wrenching both times that I felt it.

    There, now that we have established that I am none of the people you so degraded above & that I am female who has witnessed first hand what a person with a heart truly feels when losing a child let me put my statement about you: I hope your daughter gets taken into Child Protection for the mental abuse you will, & probably are already, bestowing upon her.

    As for the rest of my response to you: There are so many disgusted & rude names & words that I’d like to say to you but you are so blinded by your so-called “feminism” that I am not going to waste my time. For as an ADULT I know when not to act like a child unlike you. However, I will say these 2 things: 1) If you hate men much why allow their sperm inside of you? Seems kind of contradictory to me. & Lastly, feminist-type women like you make me sick.

  8. You write:

    I find it hard to hate anybody, their faults are not their own, but usually rather the product of an environment or social circle they have been exposed to.

    Yet you aborted your child solely because of a single chromosome, which chromosome to use your own words created a “monster,” even though that “monster” had not yet been exposed to an “environment or “social circle” which could have influenced him in anyway.

    Does that philosophical inconsistency not bother you in any way?

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