I Want My Kids to be Gay

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Raising two children by yourself gives you a lot of perspective about what really matters in life: happiness. My children have been the high point of my life, and I want my children to be as happy as I am in my life. In order for them to do that, I truly believe that they need to be gay.

At ages 10 and 8, my son and daughter don’t have the concept of romantic relationships in their mind yet, but in a few years, I know that I’m going to have to start paying closer attention to their friends, and possibly their dating life. While ultimately it is their choice, I sincerely hope that they see how great of a relationship that my partner and I have and follow in our footsteps.

My ex-husband does not like the idea at all. Thankfully, my partner Rachel is a lawyer and has helped me win primary custody of our children. Because of this, my children do not have to be constantly barraged by his negative rhetoric dealing with LGBTQ issues, or his negative opinion of my partner and myself.

I have done what I can to get my children more involved with the pride movement. I feel like the key is to get them brainwashed into seeing same-sex relationships on the same level of heterosexual relationships before they start getting into a relationship themselves. It doesn’t matter if a child cannot naturally be conceived in a same-sex relationship, the concept of biological conception is bigoted in general, and society as a whole needs to move away from such things.

Sorry for ~ranting~

By having frank discussions with my children about the type of relationship that my partner and I have, and that my relationship with their father was a mistake to begin with, I feel as though their minds will be more open to a same-sex relationship, even in North Carolina, if we can show them that being with a member of the same sex is beneficial. Studies have shown that same-sex couples have a lower divorce rate, have a higher standard of living, are much happier in general, are healthier, and generally lead better lives.

I understand that North Carolina is not a good place to raise gay children, which is why my partner and I have thought about moving to California, where they would be welcomed with open arms. It’s something we have discussed at length, but we are holding off on it until they get into high school, unless they come out before that.

My childrens’ happiness is all that matters to me, if they really do not want to be gay, there is not a lot I can do. All I can do up until that point is show them the benefits of being gay, gently nudging them in that direction. This includes painting my son’s nails and letting him paint mine, taking our daughter to our biking club meetings, taking both of the kids to pride and cultural events.

I think that our kids will probably be gay, and we will welcome them into the community with open arms. It will be healthier for everyone involved, and will lead them to have a long, happy life.

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